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LEAKED!!! PINAY LIBRARIANS, Beach Pics! Extremely HOT!

LEAKED!!! PINAY LIBRARIANS, Beach Pics! Extremely HOT!

Female Librarians are often tag as boring, old, classic, and simple. Nevertheless, we are talking to the Librarians before the World War II.

More and more young girls are looking for a very smart job nowadays!

Would you believe that Librarians are in high demand and gained so much respect to the public? 

We are featuring 5 Filipinas who are extremely beautiful in many ways.

(Photo Disclaimer : It’s always summer in the Philippines but the conservative culture of the People will always remain.)

Louie Anne Gomez 

Worked at Library and Information Science Students' Association – UST, 25 years old stunner. She loves to travel, especially going out to the beach, she’s also earning as a part-time model. 

Roana Marie Flores 

Studied Bachelor of Library and Information Science at University of the East worked at St. Joseph's Academy, Las Piñas City, Philippines , 22 years old.

Roana is a working student before and manages to Top the Librarians Licensure Examination last 2016.

Mikaela Lirio 

Currently Works at Enderun Colleges Past: World Health Organization (WHO) and Star Magic Workshops, 23 years old.

Myka is a very stylish woman who enjoys photography and has love for Art. 
She’s the only daughter in the Family full of Boys. ... so young man, be careful!

Michelle Ann Manalo 

Studied Bachelor of Library & Information Science

 at University of the East. 

Went to Manuel S. Enverga 

University Foundation Candelaria Inc. , 22 years old. 

Michelle is not your typical province girl,when she was in college she became the President of an School Organization and has joined many school activities.

Marjorie Suarez 

She worked at Philippine Institute of Quezon City (P.I.Q.C.). A Graduate School Student who is currently taking up Masters in Library and Information Science in the University of Santo Tomas. She also enjoys travel and photography. 23 years old.

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5 of the Hottest PINOY MALE LIBRARIANS that will make you want to visit the Library more often!

5 of the Hottest PINOY MALE LIBRARIANS that will make you want to visit the Library more often!

Librarians are part of our School Life. We may not remember them or  notice them, neither talk to them nor approach them but at one point we admire their presence.

Out there, there are less than thousand Male Librarians in the Philippines.

 Who would have thought, these not just good looking guys but who are very talented and passionate in their craft are just sitting around the corner of our Library.

 Here are 5 Librarians that you wish your School should hire so there's a reason for you to visit the Library more often.

"Katips Bachelor"   Von Totanes
-Ateneo De Manila University, Library Director
    Author of the famous blogspot in town
     He will surely wins everyone's heart with his intelligence and management skills.

     "The Probinsyano" 
 Rojan Paleng
 Department of Social Welfare and Development, LRC Librarian
 With his innocent look, this cutie from Itogon Benguet never fails to make his customer happy.

Mark Santos 
Faculty Member at University of the Philippines Diliman and 
Clinical Librarian at St. Luke's Medical Center

He studied Nursing at first, who can tell that being a Librarian is a calling?

 "Mr. Right"
  Raymond Theodoro
    Faculty Member at University of the East and UE Main Library Librarian

    Looks can be deceiving but he's more than just a pretty face.

   "The Hunk"

  Vince Guevarra
     University of Santo Tomas, Graduate School Student , Librarian

  Work, Eat, Lift, Sleep , Repeat


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SHOCKING!!! 😱😱😱: This Filipino Librarian is Almost Everywhere, OMG! 😱😱

Let's Get to know some Fun Facts about  
Prof. Johnny "John Llyod" Buenrostro, Phd. 

Literally, He's Everywhere!
We are going to feature one of the admirable Librarians in the Philippines who happened to contribute his work that made a very big impact in the field of Philippine Librarianship!

This  librarian from the Philippines who call by the name of  "J.L, - John Lloyd" ( John Lloyd Cruz is a famous celebrity/ an actor in the Philippines) which makes him very famous through out the program Library and Information Science in the Philippines and the rest of the World!!
 "The Father of Modern Librarianship in the Philippines"
 Why???  Is he too old  to be tag as Modern Filipino Librarian???

Well in that case, Librarianship in the Philippines quite to be moving slow.
The fact that Library and Information Science is a program which happened to be taken for granted by everyone, many do not know that this guy is one of the founder, of the founder and of the founder of many Library Organizations that are still active in the Philippines up to this time.

"Your Ideal guy"
 Definitely he's not your sugar Daddy! 

JL is already a family man and manages to produce Professionals.
He must be very famous with the girls because of his sense of humor.
He dresses pretty well with his long sleeves and matching neck tie.
You will not able to leave the room without being amused by his natural wit.
I bet he makes his wife even more happy at home ! Oooopssss! Let's stop here!!!

Your Match-maker
 A Requested Faculty,  
 A Talented Host, 
 A Notable Author, 
 An Expert Mentor,
 An Accomplished Adviser
 A Skillful Reviewer

More likely you can use hundred of adjectives just to describe his outstanding achievements in  Philippine Librarianship.

No wonder why more people connects with him every single time.

How can these traits describe him as total Match-maker?

Well you can ask JL! He might give you one of his countless followers most likely in the same Field!

"JL also stands for
 John Lennon"

From "Hey Jude" Please don't forget to do your homework,
and "Dont Let me down", make sure to pass all my exams.

And when you failed "We can work it Out"
He might tell you to forget "Yesterday"
because for Him "All you Need is Love"

Who would not commend his love for The Beatles!!!

JL is a total package not just for the field of Librarianship but also an inspiration to aspiring Librarians in the Future.


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5 Reasons Why is it so hard to pass Philippines' Librarians Licensure Examination?

1. It has more than 5 Subjects of Expertise.

2. It's a 2-Day Examination.

3. Scores should not be lower than Fifty and with an Average Rating of Seventy Five Percentage (75%)

4. Only few Review Centers are available 

5. It has updated questions on I.T, trends in Library Management/Services and also in World's News or Current Events