Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I Lied to the Most Important Person in my Life

Today, I lied so many things. .. so many, not just few, but too many.

I lied to you,
I lied to myself,
I lied to someone who never knew me,
I lied to the most important person in my life.

I lied and it makes me happy.
I lied and it makes me feel fair,
I lied and sometimes, I don't how to say the truth.

I lied in my words,
I lied about how I feel,
I lied to miss,
and lying would be the only way to say I don't actually understand.

I know for sure, they know I'm saying the truth,
I believe lying will sometimes put things in order,
I assume lying is the only way to understand ignorance.

But lying is not a hobby to habbit
Lying does not replace the truths and facts.
Sometimes when you're not used to it,
It may take a negative effect on you.
and the world might turn against you.

Lying is dangerous,
Lying can make everything worst,
and no one can escape the fact,
that lying is one of the saddest things your capable doing of.

Today , I lied to the most important person in my life,
and I don't know how much pain I can take anymore,
I want to feel better,
I miss being honest,
But how can you tell the truth when lying makes you know the truth.

It's hard when that special person in you life that you expect to tell you the truth,
Lied to you almost Everyday,
and It's harder when that person thought that you're okay,
that you're happy and you're a very strong person
because they assumed what you don't know doesn't hurt,
So it's okay for them to lie.

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