5 Reasons Why you should definitely watch this Movie! :
 Love, Simon.

Simon Spier is the main character in story who lives in a very normal life just like any teenager of his age and finds himself different later on, played by the actor Nick Robinson.

Well shame on those people if your not even familiar to this very talented star who also shines in 2 of my favorite movies:  Everything, Everything as Ollie (2017), Jurassic World as Zach (2015). 

Aside from being a very handsome and skinny guy, he also catches everyone's heart with his great live-performances in theaters. 

Going back to the movie, Love, Simon addresses issues in society. Especially for teenagers, Simon's character will definitely inspire you! 

It's a Story of Friendship 

Simon has four best-friends Nick, Leah and Abby. 
Who do you think Simon opened-up first about his secrets? 

 It's a Story of Adventure

Simon's life is a journey and he continuous to explore things about himself. Simon believes he can be more open to himself when he reaches college. 

It's gives importance to Family

Simon has a very happy Family at the start, but when Simon confessed to his parents about his sexuality everything turns-out different. 

It's a Story of Acceptance

Simon's character allows, recognizes, and learn from what life has to offer. Simon was once afraid but until he knows how to accept things are not perfect but turns-out beautiful in the end.

It's a Love Story

Who do you think Simon will ended-up kissing at the top of the Ferris Wheel? Oooppsss!! ! Spoiler Alert!!

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